Presented by: Tatyana Flick and Matthew Boeckner

The National Boreal Caribou Knowledge Consortium (NBCKC), which launched in 2018 under Canada’s federal action plan for boreal caribou, is a forum for collaborative knowledge sharing, knowledge generation, and knowledge mobilization to support boreal caribou conservation and recovery. Members of the NBCKC represent federal, provincial and territorial governments, Wildlife Co-Management Boards, Indigenous Peoples, communities and organizations, industry, environmental non-governmental organizations, and academic researchers. This initiative brings together a diverse network of knowledge holders, practitioners and decision makers to inform action through its Working Groups, the Indigenous Knowledge Circle, and by developing tools such as the Canadian Conservation and Land Management (CCLM) Knowledge Portal. In this webinar we will introduce the NBCKC, highlight the power of collaboration and the unique opportunities that emerge when people commit to working together to leverage our collective strengths for conservation action. To learn more about the NBCKC and how you can get involved email the NBCKC Secretariat at .

Follow this link to begin exploring the repository of newsletters, guidance documents, best practices, tool kits and other resources that have been developed collaboratively by the NBCKC and housed on the CCLM boreal caribou sub-portal.