Our Projects

Our work includes primary research, knowledge syntheses, group facilitation, management plans, and study designs. We promote a long-term, strategic approach to developing rigorous, policy-relevant science. We ensure the information we create and synthesize is widely accessible. 

Habitat Restoration & Protection

Restoration treatments on a seismic line. Trees have been pushed over and dirt has been mounded along the line.

We study the effectiveness of restoration treatments and build tools to support decision-making to prioritize restoration and protection efforts.

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Human-Wildlife Coexistence

Wildlife corridor construction along Highway 3 in BC

We design research programs and implement hands-on solutions to enable humans and wildlife to co-exist.

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Testing Recovery Options

Aerial photo of a maternity pen for caribou on a peninsula in winter

We work with partners to support and test the effectiveness of population-based management interventions like maternal penning and predator reductions.

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Tracking Habitat Change

Aerial image of seismic lines in forested landscape

We use remote sensing methods to monitor and track habitat change in caribou ranges in western Canada.

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Weaving Knowledge

A man presents data on moose to a room of Indigenous elders and community members

We support Indigenous communities in their monitoring and research priorities.

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Wildlife Ecology

Deer Capture

We study the population dynamics and behaviours of large mammals.

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Completed Projects

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These projects have come to completion.

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