Splatsin have a dedicated and long-term objective to recover endangered caribou populations within their traditional territory. Our team supported Splatsin through helping facilitate a workshop to document knowledge and values on caribou recovery and moose management in a way that made this information accessible to both the community and Western scientists. Splatsin knowledge, values, and perspectives on the Revelstoke Complex caribou herd were documented and then shared in a joint learning session.

“Western scientists listened to observations and concerns from Elders and community hunters, and community members learned more about the 20 years of Western science that has been applied to the Revelstoke Complex caribou herds,” said Mateen Hessami in a press release from Mitacs, a key funder of the project.

Beyond the April 2022 workshop, we are supporting Splatsin in developing an infographic detailing the histories, value systems, and future visions that Splatsin hold regarding caribou. The infographic will serve as a communication tool that can best reach community members, and will be developed by a Splatsin artist.

A man presents data on moose to a room of Indigenous elders and community members
Mateen Hessami sharing Western science at the Splatsin Forum