Disentangling the drivers of deer and southern mountain caribou populations

It’s been a busy week for mammal research! A publication out today highlights the role of climate change in the expansion of white-tailed deer into the northern boreal forest. This research comes hot on the heels of a paper examining the effectiveness of recovery actions for southern mountain caribou. At the heart of both papers is the desire to identify how best to support caribou population recovery. Disentangling the effects of habitat and climate (in the case of deer) and of different recovery actions such as maternal penning (in the case of caribou) provides the evidence needed for informed decision-making around this threatened species. 

Join Melanie Dickie on Tuesday, May 14, at 12 PM MDT for a webinar on the paper “Habitat alteration or climate: What drives the densities of an invading ungulate?”. Register for the meeting link and check out a press release from UBCO to learn more!

Join Clayton Lamb on Thursday, May 16, at 12 PM MDT for a webinar on the paper “Effectiveness of population-based recovery actions for threatened southern mountain caribou”. Register for the meeting link and learn more on the Wildlife Science Centre website!

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