Pilot projects on human-wildlife coexistence

1. Wildlife and recreational users in the Elk Valley

Wildlife cameras have been deployed on different types of trails near Fernie, British Columbia, as part of a pilot project studying the impact of recreational usage of trails on wildlife. Cameras are installed on trails (a) used by motor vehicles, (b) used for hiking and biking, and (c) made by wildlife. We are interested in the effects of recreation on how wildlife use trails as well as using the information collected to promote the co-existence of humans and wildlife in the valley.

2. Wildlife use of recreation trails in the West Kootenay

This project aims to measure the effects of recreation intensity on the spatial and temporal use of trails by wildlife. Remote cameras have been deployed on trails across a gradient of human use intensity and trail density to measure the differential use by wildlife.

Through collaboration with local non-profit recreation groups, this project aims to provide science-based guidance and strategies for trail maintenance and development to decrease the impacts of recreation and its associated infrastructure on wildlife at the local and regional levels.